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Hydro-fracking is a process of pumping water to open new or existing water veins to increase water flow. This process establishes a water source for new wells and brings up water production in old or dried up wells. If a well makes little or no water, we can increase the flow rate about 98% of the time. it is successful that we offer a guarantee.

The procedure for Hydro-fracking is as follows:

The pump is removed from the well and the depth is of the well is measured. Casing and static water levels are measured. The packer is installed approximately 40' below the well casing.

Approximately 1,200 gallons of water is pump in the well during process. The water is pumped in a multiple levels under high volume and pressure. If you think your well needs to be Hydro-fracked, just pick up the phone and call Well Works LLC and we can do a flow test to tell you how much water your well is producing and go over the procedure and the cost. The question that is mostly asked is will it increase the yield of my well. That can't be answered until the job is finished.

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